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    DTP (desktop publishing)

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    What is Desktop Publishing

    DTP document — is a translation in accordance with the original document or in another format at the customer’s request.  The customer is required only to submit an original document or a layout.

    Sometimes an explanation may be required regarding design elements that are not noticeable, but important for compliance with the document structure.

    We translate documents, presentations, drawings, schemes, charts, articles without any changes in desktop publication or in any format selected.

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    Peculiarities of Desktop Publishing Service

    • 01/
      We will layout translation in any of the formats selected at the customer's request.
    • 02/
      We change a translation visual design due to the target language features (for example, font size, intervals, document structure through another text direction, picture parameters).
    • 03/
      When it is very important to preserve the document structure (for example, in construction drawings), we perform preliminary layout, translate the text and insert it into initial locations, preserving general document design.

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    Due to our large international translators base, the clients set deadlines themselves in 81% of cases. We work in the time zone convenient for you.

    💰 We are one of the first companies in Ukraine that introduced the system to calculate the price by words. As a result, you don't need to overpay for spaces and repetitions. You pay for our work exclusively. This helps you save up to 17% on each translation.

    8 of 10 clients stay with us, because they have appreciated the services quality and level. The average NPS score for the last month is 9.6

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    Desktop Publishing Cost

    *is calculated individually for each project:

    • 01/
      Amount and complexity of work
    • 02/
      Document format
    • 03/
      List of services and specialists involved
    • 04/
      Technical design

    DTP (desktop publishing) Service from MK:translations

    We are sure that we’ll do fine with a dtp document, because we have layout experience for different customers’ requests. We understand how important compliance with the original structure is in some cases, so we take a responsible approach to the layout of such documents.

    A professional team will work on your project, which consists of an experienced translator and a professional layout designer. We have powerful hardware that allows working with complex programs and “difficult” projects.

    We are not afraid of non-standard and urgent tasks, and each order is treated as a chance to improve. We have all the resources to take on the task of your texts’ desktop publishing.

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    Personal project manager



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    Each of your projects is individual. Submit a REQUEST NOW and our manager will help you select the best option to fulfil your order.

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    • 01/
      What is desktop publishing service?
      It is a preservation of source document format when translating or preparation of translation in a new design at a customer's request. Most often, it is used for the translation of specialized subjects - medicine, technique, when translating schemes and tables, books etc.
    • 02/
      How much does desktop publishing cost?
      It is quite difficult to provide an answer without knowing the details of your project. The price depends on many factors: types of translation, language pairs, amount, complexity, urgency of the order etc. To prepare an estimate, a manager will clarify all the details, suggest several options based on your goals, and budget.
    • 03/
      What languages do we perform desktop publishing for?
      We perform translations into 84 languages, amongst which are both popular and rare languages. We select specialized translators and native speakers for any language pair from our international base.
    • 04/
      How to order the desktop publishing service?
      There are some ways to do this: you can call us, write via messenger or email, leave an application on the website. Within 15 minutes, our manager will get in touch with you to discuss the details and prepare an estimation of your project.

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