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    Legal translation

    Urgent specialized translations implementing your tasks with up to 20% savings.

    • We guarantee a 3-phase quality control
    • We accept projects 24/7
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    • You set the project deadline on your own in 93% of cases
    • We treat information with the highest level of confidentiality (NDA)
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    Why do we need legal translation of documents?

    In dealing with juridical issues, accuracy is important. When translating legal documents from one language into another, every mistake can lead to financial losses or protracted paperwork.

    The main feature of these translations is that they are full of specialized terminology that is specific to each country. The translator of legal translation of texts must also know current legislation, the court system, and the specificities of local proceedings. That is, a specialist degree or work experience in the juridical field.

    That is why legal translation is not the usual service of a translation company, but a demanding and responsible task that professionals are qualified to carry out.

    Juridical translation into English or another language covers work on the following documents:

    • the company’s articles of association and the register extracts;
    • notarial statements;
    • agreements and contracts of any kind;
    • court decisions, extracts of laws and bills;
    • intellectual and private property rights;
    • business correspondence;
    • licenses;
    • documentation for obtaining certification.

    We also provide services of notarial certification of legal translations in Kyiv, which is an official confirmation of their authenticity and allows you to use translation of documents in official authorities (for example, in court or embassy).

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      business, permanent residence, work

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    Legal translation of texts:

    • 01/
      Promotes globalization and international business development
    • 02/
      Helps protect the company's interests in foreign markets
    • 03/
      Enables international conflicts to be resolved and decisions of international courts and tribunals to be implemented

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      Our team offers only project-oriented approach, because each your request is unique

      Translation agency in Ukraine

      Numbers can tell more about us:

      Due to our large international translators base, the clients set deadlines themselves in 81% of cases. We work in the time zone convenient for you.

      💰 We are one of the first companies in Ukraine that introduced the system to calculate the price by words. As a result, you don't need to overpay for spaces and repetitions. You pay for our work exclusively. This helps you save up to 17% on each translation.

      8 of 10 clients stay with us, because they have appreciated the services quality and level. The average NPS score for the last month is 9.6

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      Who needs the services of a legal translation company?

      • Ukrainian and foreign companies operating internationally
      • Lawyers, lawyers’ offices, legal practitioners, and juridical and consultancy companies in the process of providing services to their customers
      • To private and public institutions, organizations, and foundations for the safe conduct of their activities, including abroad

      Legal translation cost

      *is calculated individually for each project:

      • 01/
        Types and number of the translation languages
      • 02/
        Project volume and complexity
      • 03/
        Terms of Reference
      • 04/
        Order urgency
      Julia Ventskovskaya

      Our goal is to enable people to operate internationally with no restrictions or borders.

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        Legal translations from MK:translations – a guarantee of security for the company in cooperation with foreign partners and clients

        Still in doubt about whether to order legal translations from an outside company or whether it is better to hire an in-house translator?

        Our clients have already seen that it is more cost-effective to work with a company than to keep their in-house translators.

        Evaluation criteria In-house translators MK:translations team
        Translation into 80+ languages, including from native speakers +
        Large text volume +
        Urgent translation 24/7 +
        Terminological basis +
        Editing and proofreading +
        Professional translation services +
        Pay-as-you-go services, not a monthly budget +


        At MK:translations, we guarantee the accuracy of legal translation of texts thanks to a three-stage quality control system and adherence to clear customer specifications.

        This is why customer interaction involves four main aspects.


        Harmonization of work rules


        In touch with the client 24/7


        Personal project manager


        Easy channels of communication


        Every project is individual. svg LEAVE AN APPLICATION NOW and our manager will help you choose the best implementation for your project.

        Our clients we may speak about

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        • 01/
          What is a legal translation?
          This is a type of highly specialized translation related to corporate and business documents. Namely, the translation of contracts, founding documents, intellectual property rights, certificates, licenses, etc. Legal translations into English or another language require knowledge of industry terminology, so specialist education and experience are key factors in selecting translators for such projects.
        • 02/
          How much do legal translation services cost in Kyiv?
          It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously without understanding all the details of your project. The legal translation cost depends on many factors: type of documentation, translation language, volume, complexity, urgency, need for layout, etc. To prepare a calculation, our manager will specify all the details and will offer a couple of options depending on your objectives and budget.
        • 03/
          What languages are available for legal translation in Kyiv
          We perform translation into 80+ global languages, which include both widely used and rare ones. We select expert translators and native speakers from our international database for any language pair.
        • 04/
          How can you order services of a legal translation?
          You can do this in several ways: call the number listed on the website, write on messenger or email, or leave an application on the website. Within the next 15 minutes, our manager will be in touch with you to discuss further details and prepare a calculation for your project.

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