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    • Three-step proofreading of texts
    • Proofreading and translation into 58+ languages
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    Proofreading. Editing

    What is proofreading and how it differs from editing

    Proofreading is checking and correcting of grammatical, punctuation and syntactical errors. In the course of proofreading, the form of the text changes but the meaning stays the same. It is used to check a text after translation.

    Editing is a more creative process aimed at transforming texts in form and style. As a result, the translation becomes harmonious, readable and clear for native speakers.

    Why you can trust us with proofreading and editing

    1. We are experienced in proofreading and editing.
    2. Our proofreading experts have a high level of linguistic proficiency and are well-versed in various topics, even field-specific ones;
    3. We realize how important proofreading and editing are, so we are very scrupulous about the services we provide;
    4. In the texts intended to be posted on websites and applications, we perform additional verification for compliance with SEO requirements.
    5. We are not afraid of difficult and urgent tasks and view every project as an opportunity to become better.
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      Clients’ feedback

      Great job! This is not the first time we have turned to this LSP, and we are always satisfied with the result. Both speed and quality are at top level. Our manager Mariia is always in touch and ready to answer any question. We are glad to cooperate with this company!

      Galina Polishchuk

      Urgent and without mistakes translation helped us solve an unexpected and complicated situation. No other translation agency could offer such tight deadlines (we had only 1 hour!)

      David Ben Nun

      I use only this bureau and have never regretted it! They are quick to understand the task and provide fast and quality service! Special gratitude to Client Manager Nikita. The company is lucky to have such an expert in the team! Thank you! From now on, I will only contact your company!

      Kateryna Ishchenko

      My first experience with translation companies was successful. Nice manager, Mariia, provided prompt and relevant response. Quality field-oriented translation was done on time and certified by the notary within 1 day. Highly recommend.

      Karyna Malets

      My family has been working with Mister Kronos for already 2 years. Within this period, the company has proved high speed and perfect quality of the work they do. Moreover, they are flexible in force majeure circumstances. We are grateful to the company and always recommend it to anyone who needs quality translation!)

      Pavlo Kharchenko

      Quality and fast service. You can always rely on this company.

      Olena Horobets
      Julia Ventskovskaya

      Our goal is to enable people to operate internationally with no restrictions or borders.

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        Why proofreading and editing are necessary

        • Even the most experienced translator is not immune to mistakes, and proofreading allows you to identify and correct them;
        • Proofreading is performed at the last step of translation and allows you to take the completed text to the maximum compliance with the source text;

        The quality of translation affects your relationship with foreign colleges and partners, the adequacy of the perception of your product in a foreign market, and other nuances of communication. In order to omit misunderstandings and miscommunication, it is important to accurately convey the intonation of narration and compliance with the professional subject matter.

        We have enough resources to take care of proofreading and editing of your translations.

        All you need is to submit a query. The professionals of our team with extensive experience in translation and proofreading will help you with all other issues.

        For consultation and ordering, call or leave a query on the website.

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        Computer software localization is a translation of a program into a target language.


        Certified translation

        When leaving abroad, opening a branch in another country or registering a non-resident as a shareholder, it is essential to take into account all the paperwork requirements. Since one mistake in translation can turn into a big trouble.


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        It doesn’t matter whether the doctor works in a private clinic or in a municipal hospital: almost all health professionals have the same illegible handwriting. In order to get medical assistance abroad, you need to translate the documents received in Ukraine.

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