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    translation into 60 languages

    Audio/video localization

    • Adaptation of materials for a target audience: dubbing and subtitling
    • Native-language copywriters work with creative content
    • We provide DTP and transcription, create PPC in English
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    How audio file translation is done

    Professional translation of audio recordings is a task for the translator’s sharp ears, since often translators have to work with audio recordings of poor quality.

    For example, if there are several speakers on the record who have entered into a heated discussion or an announcer with a specific accent. Therefore, a translator works with audios only after the special training.

    Among the types of audio files that our translators work with, you can find:

    •     public speeches;
    •     audio lessons;
    •     presentations;
    •     reports;
    •     songs.

    The media storage device also plays an important role: audio cassette, VHS-cassette, CD/DVD-disks, audio files of MP3 and MP4 formats, as well as online tracks.

    All these formats have their own specifics, which require the ability to correctly recognize and translate information without silly mistakes. Nobody wants to hear “bear” instead of “bare”, or vice versa.

    Decryption and transcription of audio and video files

    Converting text from audio or video format to text is very convenient for sending to your clients in various ways:

    • by email;
    • SMS mailing;
    • in the form of brochures.

    More information about your services means more profit.

    Also, transcription is widely used to create subtitles. Subtitles are very useful for people who do not speak the language well or cannot hear the original.

    In addition, based on transcription, a subtitle translation can be made for those who do not speak the language at all. This is used by all the major video hosting companies and those who want to attract the client.

    One of the best examples is Youtube video hosting, which provides automatic subtitles for its videos in English, Japanese, Spanish, German, Russian.

    But unlike Youtube automatic subtitles, professional work will be distinguished by accuracy, quality and focus on your target audience.

    It is also important that the length of the subtitles coincides with the pace of speech and pauses, otherwise the viewer simply will not have time to read the useful information, meaning he will not understand anything. Therefore, professional translation is very important for business development.

    If you want to add translation of video or audio in several languages to your business content, you can submit a request on our website. The personal manager of MK:translations will call you back within 15 minutes and tell you more about this service.

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        Companies dealing with translation are moving beyond simple written translation and interpretation. The vast majority of the modern content is audio and video records that seem to be a brighter and more understandable means for a modern user.

        Translation of audio and video diversifies the content of your site!

        If you want to rejuvenate your website or adapt the information for a foreign user in a more attractive way, then you need to order the service of audio and video files translation.

        What are the core difficulties for a video translator?

        Has it ever happened to hear the translation of your favourite film speckling with strange words or clumsy expressions? The reason for this is amateurish or poorly made translation of the video.

        But it is not only in the film industry that the quality of the translated sound track is important. It also affects the mood of the client while watching a business presentation or a student’s learning of material during the training video.

        After all, the receipt of the correct information and the positive feedback of the viewer depends on how the translation of the voice into the text and its acting is made. Therefore, translation is not so important as the adaptation of the said to another language.

        In addition, the video demonstrates life in real time, and it is very important to catch fragments of phrases and pauses. This makes the translation really lively and appropriate.

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        Other popular services


        Computer Games Localization

        We keep emphasizing that localization process doesn`t finish with translation and dubbing of a game.


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        We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services. We accompany events, provide a team of interpreters for major events, conferences, seminars, webinars, business meetings. We sign NDA.


        Apostilization of the documents

        Ukrainian documents are often not admitted in other countries without certification of documents’ authenticity. Thus, if you are dreaming of foreign education or official employment, you must first prepare a set of required documents.


        Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

        The pandemic has made adjustments to the processes of organizing and holding international events — most of them are now held online.


        Multi-language voice acting

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