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    Multi-language voice acting

    Today, video translation into widely-spoken languages is in high demand in various areas of life. Business needs video presentations for foreign partners and advertising clips for the international audience. The educational area requires the translation of educational resources. Public organizations — social videos. The film industry and Youtube bloggers will not manage without video translation either.

    We provide translation and voice acting of videos and advertising clips into Ukrainian, Russian, English and 58 more languages.

    How to choose the languages for translation and voice acting

    First of all, select the foreign audience that you are going to stream a video or an advertising clip to. For example, the situation with Britons is quite clear. You will need to translate videos into English. No problems with Italy and Germany either. However, when it comes to Canada, English will not be enough. You will need to do translation and voice acting into French as well.

    When choosing the languages for translation and voice acting of videos, keep in mind that one of them should be English as this is an international language. It is common for any audience and will become the most appropriate option.

    You need video translation from English into Russian, right? Keep in mind that if the video is to be used on the territory of Ukraine, according to the Language Law, it should be translated and dubbed in Ukrainian as well.

    With the help of video and advertising clips translation from Ukrainian into Russian, you may cover the Russian-speaking part of the Ukrainian residents. As a result, you may enlarge the audience staying within the country.

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      Clients’ feedback

      Great job! This is not the first time we have turned to this LSP, and we are always satisfied with the result. Both speed and quality are at top level. Our manager Mariia is always in touch and ready to answer any question. We are glad to cooperate with this company!

      Galina Polishchuk

      Urgent and without mistakes translation helped us solve an unexpected and complicated situation. No other translation agency could offer such tight deadlines (we had only 1 hour!)

      David Ben Nun

      I use only this bureau and have never regretted it! They are quick to understand the task and provide fast and quality service! Special gratitude to Client Manager Nikita. The company is lucky to have such an expert in the team! Thank you! From now on, I will only contact your company!

      Kateryna Ishchenko

      My first experience with translation companies was successful. Nice manager, Mariia, provided prompt and relevant response. Quality field-oriented translation was done on time and certified by the notary within 1 day. Highly recommend.

      Karyna Malets

      My family has been working with Mister Kronos for already 2 years. Within this period, the company has proved high speed and perfect quality of the work they do. Moreover, they are flexible in force majeure circumstances. We are grateful to the company and always recommend it to anyone who needs quality translation!)

      Pavlo Kharchenko

      Quality and fast service. You can always rely on this company.

      Olena Horobets
      Julia Ventskovskaya

      Our goal is to enable people to operate internationally with no restrictions or borders.

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        What does the price of video translation depend on?

        There is no fixed price of video translation and voice acting. It depends on many factors:

        • language pairs
        • video timing
        • length and complexity of the text, availability of field-specific terminology
        • method of voice acting — complete dubbing or simultaneous interpreting
        • speaker performing voice acting
        • need to select new music or sound effects
        • tight deadline
        • additional requirements of the customer

        Video translation milestones

        Video and advertising clip translation is quite a complex process that should be entrusted to experts. In order to receive a quality language video, it is necessary to do the following:

        1. Transcribe the video into text and understand its meaning
        2. Perform direct translation into target languages
        3. Edit the resulting text to fully correspond to the original — add idioms, metaphoric expressions, pick synonyms
        4. Adapt the text to the video timing and sequence of actions
        5. Perform voice acting by a speaker in the target language
        6. Select new music and sound effects — at the customer’s request
        7. Video editing and new sound synchronization with the visuals

        What is essential for video translation and voice acting

        1. As it was mentioned above, the work on a project starts with video translation. On the surface, it seems that the task is simple. However, only a professional — persistent, attentive, literate, with high typing speed — can do video transcription. He should not only hear and distinguish words, that can be a problem if the quality of video is low, but also grasp the meaning and idea.
        2. Simultaneous video translation may be the option for translation and voice acting. It is cheaper and faster than full dubbing with a new audio track application. But in such case, quality and perception of the video are affected. Simultaneous video translation should be used as a last resort if there is only a full video available with no original music and sounds separated. In such case, the original sound is damped and a translated version is applied.
        3. Ordering video and advertising clip translation, you should mention that you will receive the quality result if you provide the following:
        • separated audio tracks;
        • original tracks;
        • if they are not available — suggestions and recommendations, which new music and sounds to select.

        We guarantee high quality of video translation and voice acting

        1. We have experience in translation, voice acting and editing of video from English into Russian and 58 more languages. We know how to translate advertising clips into English.
        2. We understand the importance of quality video translation and editing, so we are scrupulous about our work.
        3. A professional team will work on your project:
        • project manager
        • translator with expertise in audiovisual translation with excellent professional ear and listening skills
        • copywriter with the knowledge of the target language
        • native speaker
        • technical specialist
        • in some cases, we engage a native marketing expert to competently adapt the idea considering the cultural features of the target country’s citizens. It is particularly essential in translating advertising and social videos.
        1. You don’t need to select new music or sound effects. We will do it for you according to your requirements and recommendations.
        2. We are not afraid of difficult and urgent tasks and view every project as an opportunity to become better.

        We have enough resources to take charge of video and advertising clips translation, voice acting and editing into 58 languages.

        You only need to make a query, and our professional team will help with the rest.

        For consultation and ordering, call or leave a request on the website.

        Other services


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        Proofreading is checking and correcting of grammatical, punctuation and syntactical errors. In the course of proofreading, the form of the text changes but the meaning stays the same. It is used to check a text after translation.


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        The pandemic has made adjustments to the processes of organizing and holding international events — most of them are now held online.


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        Accuracy is paramount in legal issues. When translating legal documents from one language to another, each mistake can cost a big sum of money or lead to the neverending paperwork.


        Computer Software Localization

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        Convert website into English

        English is a global means of communication, a mediator for interaction between people around the world. It is spoken by residents of more than 90 countries. And day by day, the influence and popularity of English are only growing.

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