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Website localization

While you are reading this text, the users from all over the world are making purchases on some other websites but yours. People are searching for goods and services in English, French and other languages, that is the reason why the search engines can not find you. How is it possible to attract more customers to your website? The answer is very simple ━ by ordering the website localization.

Website localization as the means to enlarge the audience

Localization is the process of textual and cultural “redesign” of the website aiming to expand the scope of new users. Before starting the localization, it is necessary to analyze the countries where your product is in demand. Then you should single out the languages prevailing in those territories, and finally to submit the content of your website for localization.

Website localization implies the translation of interface (menu, buttons) as well as the whole content of the website (goods and services description, blog articles, photo and video description, subtitles, feedbacks etc.) into the language understandable for the users.

Website localization into most spoken languages

Why do the users have to waste their time surfing through the website in foreign language if they have the opportunity to go to the competitor’s website where everything has been already localized? The competitor’s website can have higher prices for the same goods, but for the users it will be more understandable how to make an order and where to go if they receive something different from what they have ordered.

In fact, people buy the products more often if there is the description in their native language. Such websites are considered client-friendly and trustworthy. So the users leave them only after having made the order.

Therefore, website localization is intended to advance the efficiency of interaction with the targeted audience. Finding the native language indicator on the language bar, the users feel being considered about.

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You are still confused and don’t know which language to choose? Here is the list of the most used languages all over the world (according to the ThoughtCo portal):

  1. Chinese — 1.284 mln of speakers;
  2. Spanish — 437 mln;
  3. English — 372 mln;
  4. Arabic — 295 mln;
  5. Hindi — 260 mln;
  6. Bengali — 242 mln;
  7. Portuguese — 219 mln;
  8. Russian — 154 mln;
  9. Japanese — 128 mln;
  10. German — 119 mln;

And you can have your website adapted to all these languages. You can apply for the website translation into Russian, Ukrainian, English and any other language from any source language. Even from Hindi into Urdu:)

Multilingual support is a proven method to let users from the whole world know about your product.

P.S. Proved by the customers of our clients.

Three reasons to order localization at MK:translations:

  •     the website with the adapted, adequate and grammatically correct content will attract new users from foreign countries;
  •     users will be able to read the rules of making the order and, therefore, stop leaving your website without any result;
  •     native speakers will translate phraseological units and even puns understandable for your targeted audience.

By the way, the quality translation of the non-quality content can’t “make a hit”. If you are still doubting your texts — order website audit at our company. Or if there are some pages with issues or descriptions errors, apply for the content revision. We have lots of hands. While some will be engaged in writing the content, another 12 ones will be translating, editing and proofreading it.

How to order localization

Website localization price depends on the targeted languages (rare or widely used), terms, executors (native speakers and translators) and the total content volume.

If you want to know the exact website localization price in 30 minutes, ask your website manager to download the content to be localized to other languages. It will take about 15 minutes.

However, if you send us the link to your website and ask to extract the content by ourselves, we will not refuse to do so. But:

  •     the estimation will take at least 3 hours instead of 15-30 minutes;
  •     we might count the blocks which are not supposed to be translated, so the estimation will have to be started from the beginning;
  • some hidden pages, which are to be translated, may be counted out.

Our translators will save all the tags, and you will not need to insert them to both source and translated versions.

After localization completion, you can upload the new content in all languages at once. How to do it? Send us the link to the file, receive your translation and upload all the versions by one click.

Order professional website localization of your product, and enlarge your targeted audience, brand recognition and scope of sales.

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