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Business interpreting

To make your business truly effective, you need to focus not only on the domestic buyers but also on foreign customers. For this purpose, all the company documentation should be available in the language of your target audience.

Business interpreting and translation

A low-skilled translator can easily confuse the meaning words. For example, the term “quote” can turn from a “set, proposed price” to a “citation”.

Therefore, if you do not want to feel uncomfortable in front of foreign partners, you should order a translation service for business at a professional company. About 70% of our customers regularly use this service.

Which business documents need to be translated?

Small and large companies have many types of documentation and materials that require business translation, among them:

  •     agreements;
  •     business plans;
  •     powerpoint presentations;
  •     reports;
  •     price lists;
  •     descriptions of products and services;
  •     commercial offers;
  •     corporate documents;
  •     tender documentation.


The listed types of documents require from the translator more than basic knowledge of English or another language. Knowledge of terminology, rules of foreign office administration and experience in the business sphere are also of great importance in the translation for business.

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    from 85 UAH / word

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    from 1 calendar day

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Each specialist at the translation company of MK:translations has the necessary qualifications and at least 3 years of experience. Don’t let the language barrier prevent your business reaching a mutual understanding with foreign colleagues.

Business interpreting

The first impression at business meetings is crucial. After all, the future client’s attitude to your company depends on it.

There are lots of examples of unsuccessful business interpreting. One of the most remarkable happened in 1977 in Poland. The US President Jimmy Carter was making a public speech.

The simultaneous interpreter, instead of “I left the United States this morning” translated “I left the United States, never to return…”. The interpreter was replaced, but the reputation was already tarnished. Don’t repeat Jimmy Carter’s mistake, hire only the best interpreters at MK:translations.

MK:translations Business Translation Company accompanies clients not only at business meetings but seminars, conferences too.

We guarantee the quality of the interpreting provided. If the meeting is going to last for a long time, we will provide several specialists.

If you want to look decent in the foreign market, get in touch with us. Together we will choose the best option for your business translation.

Other services



Transcreation is about taking a concept in one language and completely recreating it in another one. Let’s take a delicious example. A donut in English source text can become a croissant in French and a bun with poppy seeds in Ukrainian one.


Apostilization of the documents

Ukrainian documents are often not admitted in other countries without certification of documents’ authenticity. Thus, if you are dreaming of foreign education or official employment, you must first prepare a set of required documents.


Biological translation

In order to write a graduate thesis, one needs a couple of sleepless months. It is a meticulous and time-consuming work. And it should better remain a secret up till the moment of publication.


Literary translation

The main task when fulfilling literary translation is to preserve the writing style of the author without losing the essence while trying to adapt the work to another language.


Medical translation

It doesn’t matter whether the doctor works in a private clinic or in a municipal hospital: almost all health professionals have the same illegible handwriting. In order to get medical assistance abroad, you need to translate the documents received in Ukraine.


Website localization

Localization is handled by native speakers with experience in copywriting. We select a project-oriented team thus work with any volumes and deadlines. We understand the specifics of the virtual product and the consumer need.


Translation of audio and video

Nowadays, translation agencies are moving beyond text translation and interpreting. Audio and video make a significant portion of the modern content.


Advertising Slogans and Texts Translation

Professionally done advertising slogan translation attracts the buyers’ attention and brings the brand to recognition at the foreign markets. Meanwhile, wrong interpretation of the slogan made by a translator can lead to great losses.


Legal translation

Accuracy is paramount in legal issues. When translating legal documents from one language to another, each mistake can cost a big sum of money or lead to the neverending paperwork.


Technical translation

Translation of technical documents is different from medical or informational one. The main difference is that there is a bulk of specific terminology in such texts.



We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services. We accompany events, provide a team of interpreters for major events, conferences, seminars, webinars, business meetings. We sign NDA.

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