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    Localization and Translation of Android Apps

    Increasing downloadableness from Google Play Market

    • Over 500 qualified translators and native speakers in our team
    • Linguistic QA
    • Continuous localization
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    Localization of Android Application

    Why you should translate Android apps into the languages of a solvent audience

    Cultural adaptation of a product allows to make it understandable for the local audience. Since any localization starts with the market research. And only then the strategy is developed: languages choosing, deciding on adaptation of visual display and text content. That is, everything for the users to feel the app is developed according to their needs and lifestyle.

    When choosing the market, it is important to take into account not only the size of potential audience, but also Internet involvement of users and their solvency.

    Countries of the Asia-Pacific Region are considered to be the most perspective countries. According to the analytical data, as of January 1, 2021, the most Internet users reside exactly in Asia. Moreover, the Filipinos spend time in the Internet more than others — around 11 hours per day. And 87% of Indonesian users purchase online regularly. Therefore, by localizing the app considering all features and needs of the local audience, you can expand the customer database and increase the company’s income in the shortest time.

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    Android apps localization is 👇

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      First step to win the foreign market
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      Boost of your app downloadableness
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      Direct way to the revenue increase

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    Why translating Android app at MK:translations is worth it

    Have you decided to translate Android app completely on your own because your programming engineers can speak English?

    Good idea! Many IT specialists can boast of the language knowledge.

    However, there are three important points:

    • Mostly, it is usually a technical language, i.e. field-specific one, which is insufficient for appropriate translation of the whole text.
    • Translation does not mean localization. The full adaptation process of a product for a new audience will require more than the language knowledge — understanding of the national and cultural features of the locals.
    • English itself can be insufficient. For example, Indonesia is a country with a solvent audience, yet low English spread level. It is unlikely for your employees to know Indonesian.

    For frequently updating products, we offer apps continuous localization. This solution means simultaneous work of translators and programmers on an online platform. Due to this service, users all over the world can receive access to the updated product in all language pairs without delays.


    Our team offers only project-oriented approach, because each your request is unique

    Numbers can tell more about us:

    Due to our large international translators base, the clients set deadlines themselves in 81% of cases. We work in the time zone convenient for you.

    💰 We are one of the first companies in Ukraine that introduced the system to calculate the price by words. As a result, you don't need to overpay for spaces and repetitions. You pay for our work exclusively. This helps you save up to 17% on each translation.

    8 of 10 clients stay with us, because they have appreciated the services quality and level. The average NPS score for the last month is 9.6

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    What we offer

    • 01/
      Experienced apps publishers and developers
      Full control of all localization details. We provide a professional manager, translation by a native speaker with the knowledge of the target audience specifics and features. We localize PR materials in the single style: video clips, banners, ad materials.
    • 02/
      Young development companies and start-ups
      The greatest possible help in choosing the languages and regions for the app promotion. You would not stay alone with the global market, where strict competition prevails. International marketing experts as localization team members are to help you to avoid hidden threats of local markets.

    Android apps localization cost

    *calculated individually for every project:

    • 01/
      Type of translation and the number of language pairs
    • 02/
      Volume and complexity of a project
    • 03/
      Terms of reference
    • 04/
      Order urgency

    Our clients we may speak about

    How we translate Android apps

    1. We study the project, form a task, set up deadlines and organize a team.
    2. We prepare source files for translation.
    3. We translate text content and adapt visual components.
    4. We compile the localized version and check the translated elements to be displayed correctly.
    5. We conduct linguistic testing and make amendments, if needed.
    6. Finally, we deliver the completed project.

    Each project is individual. svg SUBMIT A QUERY NOW and our manager will help you choose the best option to realize your order.

    Other popular services


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    Multi-language voice acting

    Today, video translation into widely-spoken languages is in high demand in various areas of life. Business needs video presentations for foreign partners and advertising clips for the international audience.


    Literary translation

    The main task when fulfilling literary translation is to preserve the writing style of the author without losing the essence while trying to adapt the work to another language.



    Transcreation is about taking a concept in one language and completely recreating it in another one. Let’s take a delicious example. A donut in English source text can become a croissant in French and a bun with poppy seeds in Ukrainian one.


    Business interpreting

    To make your business truly effective, you need to focus not only on the domestic buyer, but also on foreign customers. For this purpose, all the company documentation should be presented in the language of your target audience.




    • 01/

      What is Android apps localization?

      This is translation and adaptation of apps for the specific market. Not only the text content is subject to localization. Visual display, sound effects and even functions should also be adaptated. Prior to Android apps localization, there precedes examination of cultural and national features of the target audience.
    • 02/

      How much does it cost to translate Android apps?

      There is no definite answer to this question without knowing your project details. Android apps localization price depends on many factors: type of sources, volume, languages for localization, complexity and urgency of the order, technical requirements and others. In order to prepare a quote, the manager is to clarify all details and offer a couple of options depending on your goals and budget.
    • 03/

      What are the languages the Android apps can be translated to?

      We translate into 80+ languages, both popular and rare ones. We select specialized translators and native speakers for any language pair from our international base.
    • 04/

      How to order Android apps localization?

      This can be done in several ways: to call the phone number listed on the website, write in a messenger or e-mail, or leave an application on the website. The manager will contact you within 15 minutes to discuss the details and prepare a quote of your project.

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