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    Translation agency services in Kyiv

    Popular services

    • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for conferences and negotiations online and offline We select specialized interpreters to your topic. We guarantee quality and professionalism.
    • Translation and localization of video/audio. We provide transcription, subtitling and voicing.
    • Marketing localization and multilanguage promotion of companies. We help companies enter new markets.

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      Translation agency in Ukraine

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      Translation agency in Ukraine

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        Translation Agency in Kiev, Ukraine

        Do you remember the legend about the Tower of Babel? It was from the moment, when people started speaking different languages and stopped understanding each other, that there appeared a need in the translation services.

        There were times when a translator was considered the second most important person in the country because many things depended on their work — the resolution of military conflicts, the development of trade with other countries, the establishment of diplomatic relations.

        Year by year, the importance of translations is constantly increasing which leads to world globalization and international market development. For example, about 40% of Londoners were born outsides Great Britain according to the census survey. And 20% of the US population have Latin American or Spanish origins.

        What kinds of companies apply to the translation company in Kiev?

        • Manufacturers and service providers that enter the international market;
        • Companies cooperating with foreign providers, partners, investors — for example, medical devices manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies;
        • Consulting services providers — for example, law firms and bar associations;
        • International exhibitions, conferences, symposiums organizers;
        • International state or commercial organizations and funds with branches in Ukraine.

        and more.

        What kind of services do the professional translation agencies and companies provide in Ukraine?

        All translation services may be divided into two groups:

        • Translation;
        • Interpreting.

        Translation includes the translation of documents for companies and individuals, including field-specific translation. This type of translation requires experience and knowledge of terminology in the specific area: economic, technical, medical, and others.

        Interpreting helps maintain effective communication at international events and meetings: exhibitions, presentations, symposiums. Moreover, business negotiations, meetings, and presentations also need interpreting services.

        What should be mentioned when choosing a professional translation company in Kiev?

        1. Company website and social media presence

        A real company maintains its reputation on the Internet. It publishes articles and posts, communicates with the followers, shares expert and useful materials. When a company has nothing to hide, you can find any information on its activities and services on the Internet.

        1. Feedback

        Specifically negative one. It's unlikely that a translation services company that has been in the market for many years hasn't made a single mistake or hasn't received any bad feedback. If there is none, a company most likely deletes bad feedback instead of analyzing mistakes. It is up to you to decide whether to trust such a contractor or not.

        1. Pricing policy

        The low prices of a translation agency in comparison with the local market look suspicious. Professional and experienced translators' services cannot be cheap, especially when it comes to less widely spoken languages.

        Besides, high quality of translation means the engagement of an editor and proofreader that also influences the order price. That is why the low price is a sign of the poor quality of service and saving on specialists. Sales promotions and loyalty programs are the exceptions, as they help save on services with no loss in quality.

        1. Real-life communication

        Nothing will replace the impression from the real-life communication with a manager or other company representative. After a call or a meeting, you will understand the work principles and service level, the readiness of a translation services agency for long-term cooperation and the ability to compromise on disputes.

        Upon the analysis of all indicators, you will get an opinion on a translation company, and live communication will prove it.

        Any questions left? We will answer them by phone or during the meeting in our cozy office.

        Украина, Киев, Ул. Кириловская, 15а/1, офис 6
        +38 (044) 358-01-19, e-mail: