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    Localization of computer and mobile games

    Complete translation of a game to enter a foreign market

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    • The translation will be done on the platforms and localization services that are the most suitable for you
    • We have more than 500 certified translators and native speakers in our team
    • We perform Language Quality Assurance
    • We offer continuous localization
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    We translate and localize games for all platforms

    Desktop: Windows, MacOS, Linux, browser-type

    Mobile: IOS, Android

    Console: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo

    What does the localization give?

    • First of all, it helps to get the revenue growth due to the coverage of countries with a large number of solvent audiences. Regardless of the monetization model of your game, the size of potential audience that will acquire or meet it in their own language is of a paramount importance.
    • Placement in global services for digital distribution of games. For example, in Steam or Xbox Games Store.
    • Acquiring a multi-million army of fans of your game on all the continents, who will be happy to follow all the additions and new releases.

    Localization of computer and mobile games

    Локализация компьютерных и мобильных игр

    Why do we recommend localization and not just translation of a game?

    The games have the elements of audio and visual art. The cultural differences between countries and regions are so significant that an unsuccessful translation may lead to a complete failure of the game in local markets.

    To consider all the cultural and language features of different regions chosen for promotion and selling the game, we perform a complex of actions within the Game localization service.

    Depending on the complexity of the product, interface text, line game resources, in-game text (inscriptions, signs, pointers, letters, etc.), voice cues of heroes, character names, toponyms, artificial words, poems and songs are subject to localization. Even the name of the game is localized, if required.

    Why launching your game only in your country, if you can expand horizons and start working with the foreign markets?  Let’s choose the appropriate region, adapt your product to it and open new perspectives for you.

    Game localization testing (LQA)

    • We identify and eliminate linguistic, graphic and functional drawbacks in localized games.
    • We always test on targeted devices.

    How to prepare terms of reference for text adaptation of a computer game?

    • Collect the material to be translated in xls, txt, xml, html, csv, java, json
    • Tell about the potential target audience.
    • Indicate the preferable stylistics of the translated text.
    • Specify the deadline.
    • Make up a list of gambling terms and main characters.
    • Discuss your vision of the project with us.

    Computer games localization is a complex adaptation of a product to a new target audience. You should start such projects with the detailed analysis of cultural tendencies of the target market and setting close cooperation with native speakers and residents of the country you plan to adapt a game to.

    We keep emphasizing that localization process doesn`t finish with translation and dubbing of a game. Each detail should be adapted — appearance, voices and dialogues of characters, background, general interface, instructions and even soundtracks.
    текстовой адаптации компьютерной игры

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        For experienced publishers and developers
        Full control of all the aspects of localization. We offer professional manager services, translation is performed only by native speakers, who know the specifics of the game and characteristics of the target audience. Voice dubbing is performed by professional actors. PR-materials are localized in a single style: videos, banners, ads.
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        For young game studios and start-ups
        Maximum capacity to choose localization languages and regions for game distribution. Getting profit as promptly as practicable is an integral part of the initial conditions and is taken into account when working on a project. You will not be left alone with the foreign market, where fierce competition presides. International marketing specialists as part of the localization team are to help you avoid pitfalls and find your individual gaming marketplaces.

      Localization stages at MK:translations:

      • Translation of a game presentation.
      • Adaptation of interface and cooperation with your web department: localization according to the cultural area of the target audience.
      • Text translation, subtitles, menu, dialogues, inquiry forms. The key point in localization is to make not a word-to-word translation, but an adapted one according to colloquial language (or even slang) of a potential consumer.
      • Testing of all active items (buttons, tutorial pop-ups) for correct display in the target language.
      • Text dubbing: dialogues of the characters, automatic pop-ups, verbal sound effect (even the good old “Wow!” will sound differently in different languages).
      • Review graphical elements at the background that have text: graffiti on fences, headings in newspapers, sign plates with street names, car numbers, sew-on patches on characters` clothes.

      Localization brings new opportunities, new customers and clients, markets, incomes, sales volumes and scopes. We know how it is important for you, and ready to start working with your project now!

      Julia Ventskovskaya
      Commander-in-Chief of Intergalactic Troops

      I bear my personal responsibility to make our cooperation successful and comfortable

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