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    Video Games Localization

    • Video games localisation for all platforms
    • Over 500 specialized translators in our team
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    Computer Games Localization

    Why we recommend video game localization instead of simple translation of a video game

    Cultural features of countries and regions are so different that poor translation may lead to total failure of a game in the foreign markets.

    Depending on the product complexity, the following elements are localized: interface text, string game resources, in-game text (inscriptions, banners, directional signs, letters etc.), characters’ speech and names, toponyms, artificial words, poems and songs. The name of the game is also localized, if needed.

    Why should you promote your game only in your native country if you can start working with the foreign markets?

    We are to help you choose the region and the language, adapt your product and open new perspectives for you using localization of video games.


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    We translate and localize games for all platforms

    Desktop: Windows, MacOS, Linux, browser-type

    Mobile: IOS, Android

    Console: PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo

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    Advantages of video games localisation

    1. Revenue increase due to coverage of the countries with a large solvent audience.
    2. Placement in the world services of digital distribution of games. For example, in Steam or Xbox Games Store.
    3. Acquisition of multi-million army of game fans from all continents.

    Our team offers only project-oriented approach, because each your request is unique

    Numbers can tell more about us:

    Due to our large international translators base, the clients set deadlines themselves in 81% of cases. We work in the time zone convenient for you.

    💰 We are one of the first companies in Ukraine that introduced the system to calculate the price by words. As a result, you don't need to overpay for spaces and repetitions. You pay for our work exclusively. This helps you save up to 17% on each translation.

    8 of 10 clients stay with us, because they have appreciated the services quality and level. The average NPS score for the last month is 9.6

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    Cost of video games localization services

    *calculated individually for every project:

    • 01/
      Type of translation and the number of language pairs
    • 02/
      Volume and complexity of a project
    • 03/
      Terms of reference
    • 04/
      Order urgency
    Julia Ventskovskaya

    Our goal is to enable people to operate internationally with no restrictions or borders.

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      The process of a video game translation

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        Translation of a game presentation.
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        Adaptation of the interface and cooperation with your web department on localization of the general image to the new audience.
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        Texts translation: descriptions, subtitles, menu, dialogues, questionnaires. The translation should be adapted to the live colloquial language, including slang, of a potential consumer.
      • png
        Adaptation of graphic elements in the background, where the text is visible: graffiti on fences, magazine headings, tables with street names, license plates.
      • png
        Checking all active elements (buttons, notes) to be displayed correctly.
      • png
        Voicing of texts: characters' dialogues, automatic notes, voice audio effects (even the common "Wow!" will sound differently in different languages).
      • png
        Testing of a video game localization (LQA): revealing and eliminating linguistic, graphic and functional errors in the localized games.

      Each request is individual. svg SUBMIT A QUERY NOW and our manager will help you choose the best option to realize your project.

      The service of video games translation is popular with

      • 01/
        Experienced games publishers and developers
        Full control of all localization details. Our video game translation agency provides a professional manager, translation by a native speaker, who knows game specifics and target audience features. We engage professional actors for voice-over. We localize PR materials in the single style: video clips, banners, ads.
      • 02/
        Young game studios and start-ups
        Highest help in choosing the languages for localization and regions for the game promotion. Income receipt in the shortest time is an integral part of the initial conditions and is taken into account while working with the project. You don't stay alone with the global market, where strict competition prevails. The international marketing experts as localization team members are to help you avoid hidden threats and help with placement in the games marketplaces.

      How to prepare the terms of reference for a video game translation and adaptation

      • Collect all materials for translation in xls, txt, xml, html, csv, java, json formats;
      • Give a brief about potential target audience;
      • Specify the desired style of the translated text;
      • Clarify the project deadline;
      • Compile a list of the game terminology and the main characters;
      • Prepare your general expectations of the project.

      Video games localization is a complex product adaptation to the target audience. You should start such projects with the detailed analysis of the cultural features of a new market and setting close cooperation with native speakers and citizens of the country, for which you are to adapt your game.

      We always emphasize that localization process is more than just translation and voicing of the game. You should adapt each detail — appearance, voices and dialogues of characters, background, general interface, instructions and even music.

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        What does localization of video games mean?

        This is translation and adaptation of video games for the specific market. Not only text content is subject to localization. You should also adapt visual display, characters' images and even a questline. Prior to computer and mobile games localization, there precedes examination of cultural and national features of the target audience.
      • 02/

        How much does localization of video games cost?

        There is no definite answer to this question without knowing your project details. Computer and mobile games localization price depends on many factors: type of source, volume, languages for localization, complexity and urgency of the project and others. In order to prepare a quote, the manager will clarify all details and offer a couple of options depending on your goals and budget.
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        What are the languages to localize computer and mobile games?

        Our video game localization company localizes into 80+ languages, both popular and rare ones. We select specialized translators and native speakers for any language pair from our international base.
      • 04/

        How to order translation of video games?

        This can be done in several ways: call the phone number listed on the website, write in a messenger or e-mail, or leave an application on the website. The manager will contact you within 15 minutes to discuss the details and prepare a quote of your project.

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