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    Interpretation for business and personal matters

    One of the most challenging tasks for a linguist is learning to interpret. To do so, it is necessary to be fluent in the language, to know its history, theory, and structure, and to learn the culture of the country in which it is spoken.

    The interpreter is a separate specialty, with its requirements and complexities. It is also divided into branches – technical interpretation, economic, medical, and so on. A legal translator is unlikely to work successfully at a medical conference, nor is an interpreter in art likely to take on a complex technical manual.

    A good interpreter will help you achieve mutual understanding with a partner or audience when concluding agreements, at symposia, congresses, seminars, presentations, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and trainings. You can’t do without interpretation at international meetings and online events.

    Don’t be surprised at the different interpretation prices seemingly similar events. Every project is specific. For example, to work in business meetings, in addition to general professional skills, the interpreter must understand business, and at least know the basic business processes. However, narrow industries, sports, politics, and war are rightly seen as the most challenging topics.

    Interpretation cost, therefore, depend primarily on the topic of the event or meeting.

    Types of interpretation in Kyiv

    • Consecutive – the interpreter voices fragments of the speech in the pauses between the speaker’s words.
    • Simultaneous (SI) – the interpreter repeats the speaker’s words in the target language in parallel with his speech. In this case, listeners use special fittings to hear the interpretation.
    • Whispered interpretation is a form of simultaneous interpretating. The interpreter whispers into the speaker’s ear in a language the listener can understand. This service is usually booked for private meetings or private conversations.

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    When interpretation may be needed

    • 01/
      Large-scale industry events and educational projects
    • 02/
      Interviews and political speeches
    • 03/
      Business presentations, negotiations and business meetings
    • 04/
      Personal telephone calls, online or offline meetings, and visits

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    Due to our large international translators base, the clients set deadlines themselves in 81% of cases. We work in the time zone convenient for you.

    💰 We are one of the first companies in Ukraine that introduced the system to calculate the price by words. As a result, you don't need to overpay for spaces and repetitions. You pay for our work exclusively. This helps you save up to 17% on each translation.

    8 of 10 clients stay with us, because they have appreciated the services quality and level. The average NPS score for the last month is 9.6

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    Interpretation cost

    *is calculated on the individual basis for each particular project:

    • 01/
      Interpretation type
    • 02/
      Language pairing and thematic complexity
    • 03/
      Meeting format and duration of the event
    • 04/
      Order urgency

    Interpretation in Kyiv for any subject matter

    If you need professional interpretation for highly specialized fields such as technical, medical, economic, or legal, contact MK:translations. A personal manager will find an experienced interpreter with the appropriate education.

    An ordinary linguist cannot do the job of translating a washing machine or a medication. Since the interpreter must be experienced and proficient in sector-specific terminology. Otherwise, listeners will simply not understand what the speaker is saying. Or they will get it wrong.

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    Our clients we may speak about

    Other popular services


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    • 01/

      What is interpretation?

      It is an oral reproduction of what is said using the vocabulary of the target language. Technical interpretation or other types of interpretation are needed for direct communication between people speaking different languages. For example, in business negotiations, presentations, interviews, political speeches and so on.
    • 02/

      What is the interpretation cost?

      It is quite difficult to provide an answer without knowing the details of your project. Prices for interpretation depend on many factors: duration and topic of the event, complexity, number of interpreters, location, and language pair, and so on. To prepare an estimate, a manager will clarify all the details, suggest several options based on your goals, and budget.
    • 03/

      What languages are available for interpretation in Kyiv?

      We perform translations into 80+ languages, amongst which are both popular and rare languages. From our international database, we choose specialist interpreters and native speakers for any language pair.
    • 04/

      How can you order technical interpretation?

      There are some ways to do this: you can call, write via messenger or email, or leave an application on the website. A manager will contact you within 15 minutes to discuss the details and provide a quote for your project.

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