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    Translation of documents

    Trips abroad have become an integral part of our life. Provided that, one of the most important issues in the preparation of your trip is the translation of documents.

    To avoid troubles at the crossing point due to the clerical error of the translator, our clients usually order passport translation from a foreign language into Ukrainian and vice versa.

    Translation of documents, or when you can lose a visa because of a single error

    One of the most common mistakes in translation of documents identifying a person (passport, driving license) is the interpretation of the term ‘nationality’. The translation of this word depends on the country you are going to visit.

    For example, in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Latvia, the Netherlands, Serbia, Turkmenistan, France, Japan ‘nationality’ means ‘citizenship’. In the DPRK, New Zealand, Jamaica, it is used for ‘ethnicity’.

    There are also historical features of this section of a passport. It is prohibited in Germany to have double citizenship, so they write Deutsch (literally – ‘German citizenship’) in front of ‘nationality’ instead of Bundesrepublik Deutschland (citizenship – Federal Republic of Germany).

    Only an experienced translator can translate this term correctly. If there is ‘German nationality’ or ‘German citizenship’ in translation of your passport of Germany, you should contact more competent bureau.

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      Clients’ feedback

      Great job! This is not the first time we have turned to this LSP, and we are always satisfied with the result. Both speed and quality are at top level. Our manager Mariia is always in touch and ready to answer any question. We are glad to cooperate with this company!

      Galina Polishchuk

      Urgent and without mistakes translation helped us solve an unexpected and complicated situation. No other translation agency could offer such tight deadlines (we had only 1 hour!)

      David Ben Nun

      I use only this bureau and have never regretted it! They are quick to understand the task and provide fast and quality service! Special gratitude to Client Manager Nikita. The company is lucky to have such an expert in the team! Thank you! From now on, I will only contact your company!

      Kateryna Ishchenko

      My first experience with translation companies was successful. Nice manager, Mariia, provided prompt and relevant response. Quality field-oriented translation was done on time and certified by the notary within 1 day. Highly recommend.

      Karyna Malets

      My family has been working with Mister Kronos for already 2 years. Within this period, the company has proved high speed and perfect quality of the work they do. Moreover, they are flexible in force majeure circumstances. We are grateful to the company and always recommend it to anyone who needs quality translation!)

      Pavlo Kharchenko

      Quality and fast service. You can always rely on this company.

      Olena Horobets
      Julia Ventskovskaya

      Our goal is to enable people to operate internationally with no restrictions or borders.

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        Types of documents to translate in Kyiv

        There are 4 main documents categories for translation:

        • legal documents (statements, certificates, regulations, court decisions);
        • identity documents (passport, ITIN, driving license);
        • administrative documents (account statements, property documents);
        • educational documents (diplomas, certificates, licenses).

        How to calculate the price for document translation services in Kyiv

        The cost of each translation is individual. There are general criteria for calculating the price of an order:

        • Urgent translation is more expensive. Therefore, it is better to calculate redlines and deadlines in advance. Consider the time to make corrections as well.
        • order volume. Large projects cost more. Therefore, plan your budget at the initial stage, not relying on promotions and deferred payment.
        • topic complexity. Technical translation requires the translator to have specialized knowledge of terminology and experience in a specific field. Due to this reason, it will be more expensive. At the same time, articles on general topics are cheaper.
        • language pair. Rare languages (like Urdu) are in less demand. This means that the price for translation into this language or vice versa will be higher.
        • translation DTP. If you need a presentably translated text (in the form of a booklet or brochure), order DTP. The text is typeset using special software (Acrobat, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, AutoCAD), but this service is not included in the cost of document translation.

        You don’t need to calculate every penny by hand. Contact our manager to complete the project calculation in just 15 minutes. In addition, you would receive information on the factors that formed the price of your translation of documents, and also the details of the project implementation.

        On average, Ukrainian enterprises process 2 times more documents than in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania. At the same time, 20% of the company’s profit is spent on its maintenance and registration. In order to enter the global market, all documentation needs translation. If there are errors in translation, this percentage will grow.

        Therefore, it is important to be responsible when looking for a competent translation agency so as not to waste your budget!

        Other services


        Localization of iOS Application

        When we localize applications, we focus not only on the quality of translation.


        Convert website into English


        Medical translation

        It doesn’t matter whether the doctor works in a private clinic or in a municipal hospital: almost all health professionals have the same illegible handwriting. In order to get medical assistance abroad, you need to translate the documents received in Ukraine.


        Computer Software Localization

        Computer software localization is a translation of a program into a target language.


        Apostilization of the documents

        Ukrainian documents are often not admitted in other countries without certification of documents’ authenticity. Thus, if you are dreaming of foreign education or official employment, you must first prepare a set of required documents.


        Multi-language voice acting

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