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    Transcription for business

    Julia Ventskovska
    CEO MK:TRANSLATIONS 28.07.2020
    Transcription for business

    Transcription is a conversion of audio into text.

    Every person has done transcription at least once in their life. The simplest form of it – making notes at the lessons at school. However, the world history has got acquainted with transcription since the days when humanity learned to write. People recorded the speeches of sages and preachers, recipes, shared knowledge.

    Nowadays, audio transcription into text is a highly-demanded service. It requires a number of skills to fulfill it:

    • fast and quality typing;
    • command of language;
    • ability to analyze the TA interests;
    • final material formatting skills.

    It is not very easy to find a good transcriber. However, such an employee is needed in any company, which is in the process of development and TA expansion.

    Link between transcription and translation

    Audio conversion can be either a separate service or one of the stages of audio translation. Transcription in a translation process is needed to get an adequate and understandable audio in the target language. The aim may be reached by selection of the relevant phrases and adaptation of the text to the audience needs.

    The cases when transcription is needed

    Audio conversion into text is one of the most frequent services ordered at our company. The service is in high demand, because:

    1. A transcriber is needed to transcribe webinar, conferences and partner meetings records.
    2. Even students use the service. They record the lectures, and the transcriber converts.
    3. Companies order transcription of phone calls. It is necessary to control managers work and solve disputable situations.
    4. Materials adaptation in the process of audio transcription into text helps to make up marketing strategy for international companies.

    You can transcribe text by yourself. But will it be comprehensive?

    Transcription examples for business

    Transcription is a solution not only for online business. Any company may require this service:

    1. Subtitling of the video Video clips are an integral part of modern content marketing. And adding subtitles in different languages attracts the audience.
    2. English text transcription for international companies. Transcription of conversations with English speaking partners or clients feedbacks.
    3. Audio conversion is needed to create text content on the similar subject. It is relevant for a company promotion and for information products creators.
    4. The judicial industry uses transcription to take decisions on the guilt/guiltlessness of a party.
    5. Teachers use transcription to organize distance learning. Notes of lectures are transcribed into text and sent to students for learning.

    Transcription was initially intended for work with one language. Multilingual transcription is a relatively modern way to promote companies on the new markets on a budget-friendly basis.

    How to choose a transcriber for conversion of audio into text

    There are lots of offers on transcription: fee-based programs, freelancers and companies services. Each variant matches to solve a specific task:

    1. Programs are suitable for transcription of internal audio and low-budget projects. The final text will be “machine like”, but preserve the essence of the source material.
    2. Freelance services is a good option for small projects.
    3. Companies complete comprehensive tasks. A team of translators, copywriters and a marketing expert work on the project. As a result, the client receives an adapted text.

    We recommend to choose a complex solution.

    MK:translations guarantees the quality of services – you can see it from our permanent clients` feedback.

    Do you want to quote your audio transcription project? Give a call to our manager – we are ready to answer your questions any time!

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