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Translation and DTP of PowerPoints on Mechanical Engineering for Bohnenkamp

Translation and DTP of 6 PowerPoints from German into Russian in 6 days.

The case


The client had to urgently translate 6 large PowerPoint presentations for a new project from German. We had to return the translated presentations in the same format as the source files.

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    PowerPoint presentations
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Our task was to urgently translate 41 images and 34 slides in 6 days.


Calculation and estimation

It was rather a challenge to prepare a quote, because first we had to convert PowerPoint files into PDF, then recognize each slide and finally understand which elements are uneditable and require DTP. It all took almost half a day.


Resource optimization

The project was fulfilled by a translator competent in the field of mechanical engineering. As usual, the project manager planned the milestones and the editor was responsible for QA.



The client had already had negative experience of translating such files, so it was important for us to take into account all the details, so that immediately after the delivery the client could use the translation for work (without post-editing). The project manager set intermediate deadlines (for translator and editor) for each presentation. After quality assurance, the files were forwarded to a DTP specialist one by one and on set time.

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    We chose a field-oriented translator.
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    We set the intermediate deadlines for the delivery of the presentations so that the client was sure that we would meet the deadlines.
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    We made a quality translation of all presentations.
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    We made sure that the format of the client's source files was not changed after the translation.

Clients’ feedback

Great job! This is not the first time we have turned to this LSP, and we are always satisfied with the result. Both speed and quality are at top level. Our manager Mariia Ruban is always in touch and ready to answer any question. We are glad to cooperate with this company!

Galina Polishchuk

Urgent and without mistakes translation helped us solve an unexpected and complicated situation. No other translation agency could offer such tight deadlines (we had only 1 hour!)

David Ben Nun

I use only this bureau and have never regretted it! They are quick to understand the task and provide fast and quality service! Special gratitude to Client Manager Nikita. The company is lucky to have such an expert in the team! Thank you! From now on, I will only contact your company!

Kateryna Ishchenko

My first experience with translation companies was successful. Nice manager, Mariia Ruban, provided prompt and relevant response. Quality field-oriented translation was done on time and certified by the notary within 1 day. Highly recommend.

Karyna Malets

My family has been working with Mister Kronos for already 2 years. Within this period, the company has proved high speed and perfect quality of the work they do. Moreover, they are flexible in force majeure circumstances. We are grateful to the company and always recommend it to anyone who needs quality translation!)

Pavlo Kharchenko

Quality and fast service. You can always rely on this company.

Olena Horobets
Украина, Киев, Ул. Кириловская, 15а/1, офис 6
+38 (044) 221-01-19, e-mail: