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    Best Practices for Android Localization. MK:translations experience

    Julia Ventskovska
    CEO MK:TRANSLATIONS 09.06.2022
    Best Practices for Android Localization. MK:translations experience

    Last couple of years have become a turning point in the mobile apps era. Being deprived of the conventional entertainments and locked up in their own apartments, people shifted their focus on the available activities: mobile games, online shopping and education, virtual travelling. Covid-19 situation contributed to the rapid smartphone and app market development.

    SensorTower analytics came to a conclusion, that expenditures on buying games and apps, as well as other features they offer, reach approximately $100 billion. Although 65% of these expenditures falls on the AppStore users, Android owners spend in Google Play rather significant amount of $37 billion.

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    Further Android apps market development is inevitable. And this fact is vividly supported by a number of new developers. The competition amongst similar services at the local markets grows, and more companies are now directing their efforts and marketing budgets into conquering a foreign audience.

    Would you like to use an opportunity and get your spot under the sun at the international market?  Make a localization of Android application and start earning your profit in a foreign currency.

    What are best practices for Android Localization and how to apply them for your product

    Localization Language selection

    The criteria of the promising outlook of a certain foreign market for a decision-making regarding its conquering — a number of potential users, their financial credibility and readiness to spend money on an app and its features.

    Thus, when selecting a localization language, it’s worth taking into account it’s popularity and prevalence in various locations of the planet.

    Based on the all abovementioned facts, we have created a list of the most promising languages for Android applications localization:

    • English;
    • German;
    • French;
    • Portugal;
    • Korean;
    • Chinese;
    • Arabic;
    • Russian;

    Key aspect: a phrase or a word in each particular language will be of a difference in length. This entails either more or less space, accordingly. Take into account a possible need to enlarge the buttons, lines, windows for further localization on the product development stage.

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    Application Design

    Apart from the relevant verbiage, it is advised to pay extra attention on the mobile app design.

    Main requirements are simplicity, minimalism, convenience. User should not be wasting time to comprehend how everything works, otherwise, they will simply delete it if not able to quickly start using it. Correct and clear technical specification for UX designer should eliminate this issue. That is the case only under one condition — you are familiar with the cultural peculiarities of the potential users.

    Remember about difference in perception of the color palette in each and every culture and country. For instance, in Europe and North America, blue color is the symbol of power, trust and security. In Ukraine, it is associated with good health, while Indians relate blue color with Krishna. Some cultures consider blue color to be appropriate for boys, when in Chine this color is more female one.

    Green color is argued to be one of the most ambiguous colors with a variety of contrary meanings.  In Western cultures, it is a symbol of jealousy, greed, wealth, spring, nature, success. It is also a military color. Green is believed to be a national color of Mexico, while it’s prohibited in Indonesia. In Asia, it means a new life and youth, when in China it is a sign of betrayal.

    Audio Effects

    Bear in mind not only the visual design adaptation, but audio effects as well. Try to study the culture of the target county — whether the music you chose doesn’t evoke some unpleasant associations, emotions in your users. Pay extra attention to translation and voicing of audio messages.

    Additional Parameters Adaptation

    Time and data format, currency, contact data, units — all these parameters should necessarily be adapted according to the new market. Meaning, that there is a need to convert euros into dollars, kilos into pounds, renew format and sequence of dates, addresses, phone numbers and so on.

    Structure and Functionality

    Focus on the structure of your product — are all the sections up to date for the new users? All the text in the app has to be localized: starting with the main menu up to the technical and referral information. Possibly, it would also be required to work on the functionality so that the product covers as many needs of the targeted audience as possible.

    The major objective of the applications localization is to make the product accessible for the specific user. To do that, it takes studying the specifics of the target market and knowing best practices for Android Localization. You should know what your audience needs, and adapt your product accordingly. Then, conquering the international market will go smoothly and efficient, even in the presence of fierce competition.

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