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    Rather than hundreds of friends, have one with invite in Clubhouse

    Julia Ventskovska
    CEO MK:TRANSLATIONS 16.02.2021
    Rather than hundreds of friends, have one with invite in Clubhouse

    Communicate with Elon Musk, discuss IT news with Mark Zuckerberg, say hello to Oprah Winfrey — everything has become available with a new social network Clubhouse. Provided that you are the owner of a smartphone with iOS and you have an invite from the registered user.

    This article is aimed to tell you what is invite and how to get it. And try to analyze why Clubhouse  is the hottest new trend.


    What is Clubhouse

    Audio chat social network Clubhouse appeared in April 2020. It was created by two friends — graduates of Stanford University Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. Davison had been developing social networks before, but no success. And then the idea popped into his mind – to focus on live communication.


    Clubhouse consists of “rooms” and “clubs”. Only live communication is available here. According to the rules, it is forbidden to record talks. However, users manage to post much audio content with different kinds of discussions.


    Elon Musk

    Photo from Wikipedia

    Only Elon Musk received an official exception. His speech has been posted on YouTube despite of Clubhouse rules. Though, this may be called reasonable. The hype around the event was caused by Elon himself having made a post in his Twitter. There were several millions of those wishing to listen to him, while the “room” could hold only 5 thousand.

    In his speech, Musk told about the plans to conquer Mars, about bringing up children in the modern reality, and expressed his idea on Reddit and Wall Street conflict.


    How to get into Clubhouse

    For this, you need to own iOS. No other way so far. However, the network developers have already announced that they are working on Android app.

    Another obligatory thing to register in Clubhouse is invite, meaning the invitation from the registered user. It is great if you have friends in the USA as the greater half of the Clubhouse audience is from there. Still, the number of invites is limited. Each user is provided with 2 invites for a certain period. This feature is used by entrepreneurial users, who resell them for a couple of hundreds dollars.

    Another option is to download the app, register in the network and wait until you get the access. But no one knows how much time it can take, as Clubhouse reserves the right to add users with no limits.


    The secret option to receive a Clubhouse invite

    There is another option, which is not discussed or announced. It is a personal invite from the registered friend if you are a contact in his or her smartphone. Upon your registration in Clubhouse, he or she will receive the notification and will be able to “let you in”.


    Why Clubhouse is so popular

    • Firstly, people are sick and tired of static images and not always have time to watch videos. And audio format of communicating and getting information is pretty comfortable for those always busy and in a hurry.
    • Secondly, due to the limited users number and strict face control, Clubhouse has gathered a decent society — influencers, opinion leaders, stars, businessmen, marketers.
    • Moreover, due to the separation into “clubs”, each one can get the information of interest without wasting time on scrolling as in Instagram, for example.
    • Those, who are shy to speak, can participate as listeners and get valuable information like from podcasts, but in real time.


    But the main feature of Clubhouse is a great chance to meet a celebrity. As theoretically anyone can enter your “room” to have a chat. Maybe one day it will be Mark Zuckerberg or Paris Hilton?


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