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    How to choose IT products’ localization contractor for foreign markets

    Julia Ventskovska
    CEO MK:TRANSLATIONS 03.04.2023
    How to choose IT products’ localization contractor for foreign markets

    Foreign markets attract Ukrainian companies with prospects that are incomparable to the domestic ones. Thus, from the very beginning, a lot of Internet services, apps or games were developed with an eye to a solvent foreign audience, for example from Northern America, Western Europe or Arabic countries.

    Where the development company can independently translate the interface into English, the qualitative localization considering all cultural and linguistic features of the foreign audience is not an easy task. Especially when there are no native speakers among the staff employees.

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    Localization in the IT area is a complex process, on the outcome of which the perception of your website, game or app overseas depends. Therefore, do not rely on luck.

    Find out how to choose a translation agency that will become a reliable localization contractor and assistant for your business. Let us share the criteria for determining whether the potential contractor is worth cooperating with or whether to look for someone more reliable.


    Study all the data on the company which you can find in open sources. They can be:

    • website;
    • social network accounts;
    • feedback;
    • cases;
    • customers list;
    • publications and references from foreign sources.

    A serious company is always in sight. They willingly demonstrate their expertise, experience, show off gratitude and customers. They have nothing to hide, even unpleasant feedback. On the contrary, exclusively laudatory feedback should make you wary, as even the best company should have at least one dissatisfied customer for several years of operation. A responsible localization contractor responds to bad feedback and tries to correct their mistakes. They do not try to hide it by deleting unpleasant references.


    Of course, you cannot order a test localization of a separate website section. But you can check the service quality and level due to document translation. Just do not inform the potential contractor of the test – let them think it is a simple order. This is the way you can assess the translation agency in “combat conditions”, see the actual process of project implementation and service level.

    And ordering such a translation from several places, you can compare the results and make a decision. Though it will cost you some money, you won’t waste time on cooperation with non-professionals.

    Sincere talk

    Talk to the manager or another contractor’s representative, ask the following questions:

    • What are the steps of localization;
    • On what basis the project team is selected;
    • What kind of experts will be engaged except the translators.

    The important point of localization in the IT area projects is the necessity to engage a native speaker for the tasks. Be sure to ask the contractor about this possibility.

    Of course, they won’t give away the state secrets, but just the general information will give an idea of the company’s seriousness and the executors’ qualifications.

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    Point-blank questions

    Ask the localization contractor directly how they treat edits and corrections. According to the response, you’ll immediately understand whether the contractor is ready to be flexible, that is, to meet the customer processing the edits.

    Technical competence

    Make sure that the localization contractor is aware of the IT products and their functionality, as well as whether they have experience in your area projects.

    The contractor’s ability to work with files of different formats, such as XML, HTML, CSV, XLIFF etc. is also an essential condition. This ensures that the product will be localized in the right way and work correctly in local markets.

    Mode of operation and deadlines

    A professional translation agency operates 24/7, even on weekends and holidays, being in touch with the customer. Any questions and clarifications may arise on both sides, and effective communication will allow making corrections without delays.

    The qualifications of the project manager who maintains your project is also essential. Find out whether it is possible to contact the higher level employees in case of any requests or difficulties.

    Another issue is the project term and meeting deadlines. Often, a contractor agrees with the customer’s terms to get an order whatever it takes. But game or website localization is not a translation of a single text page; this is a task that requires time. Therefore, the contractor’s readiness to implement a complex project in the shortest possible time should make you wary: it is quite likely quality will suffer from the speed.

    Price issue

    Request the project calculation from the manager. You already know the contractor’s cases and experience, service level and the team’s selection basis, so you can compare the general impression and supposed quality to the price.

    We hope that this advice will help you not to make a mistake in selecting the contractor for localization in the IT area, which takes care not only of their profit, but of yours; understands the importance of their work, and is ready to guarantee quality and confidentiality. Such as MK:translations.

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