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    Medical Cases of MK:translations

    Julia Ventskovska
    SEO MK:TRANSLATIONS 22.10.2021
    Medical Cases of MK:translations

    Medical translation is a significant part of MK:translations activity. We receive orders to translate medical documentation, tests and diagnostics results, package inserts, medical articles and books.

    In this article, you can find some cases on various medical topics.

    Case 1. Translation of medical tests results and analyses into French

    The client requested medical translation of a large volume of 17,810 words. The documents contained tests and analyses results with plenty of field-specific medical terms.

    Кейс 1. Письменный перевод результатов медицинских обследований и анализов на французский язык

    For this order, the project manager engaged an experienced French medical translator and a specialized editor. Due to their teamwork, the quality work was completed on time, and the documents were sent to the medical institution to France.

    Case 2. Translation and DTP of a book about chemical and physical composition of human hair

    The German online store of field-specific literature,, made a request to translate medical literature — books in English and German. The specific topic, as well as diagrams and tables that required DTP with a ready-made translation, added to the complexity of the project.

    Кейс 2. Перевод и верстка книги по химическому и физическому составу человеческих волос

    We had 8 days to complete the order, that was not too much time due to the large volume (25,700 words), and two language pairs: English to Russian and German to Russian.

    The project was followed by a project manager, who gathered a team, controlled the process and monitored compliance to the deadline. Two qualified translators, a specialized editor, a proofreader and a DTP specialist worked on the medical translation.

    To make the work convenient, we converted the book into an editable format, and then performed DTP after translation, editing and proofreading to make it identical to the original format.

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    Case 3. Translation of certificates on injectable drugs from English into Ukrainian

    Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited (BSV), the Indian biopharmaceutical company, submitted an urgent request on medical documents translation of 45 pages of field-specific text certified by a company stamp. The file contained many seals and apostilles that made the project complicated.

    Кейс 3. Перевод сертификации на инъекционные препараты с английского на украинский язык

    The most important thing was to select translators, since only a qualified specialist can translate the certificates on 141 injectable drugs issued by the WHO in a quality manner. The project manager did a good job in this task, and a team of a qualified translator and an experienced editor completed the project when required – in 4 days.

    See more medical cases and other field-specific areas here.

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