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    Localization specialist for outsourcing: advantages of an outsourced translator

    Julia Ventskovska
    SEO MK:TRANSLATIONS 06.07.2020
    Localization specialist for outsourcing: advantages of an outsourced translator

    Business localization is the first step towards the company’s entry into the international market. But finding a translator for the project is not an easy task. The work requires a joined up approach and immersion in details. In this article we will discuss how to make high-quality localization and what form of cooperation to give preference to.

    Translation and localization: what are the differences

    Translation is a work with words and phrases, transfer of meaning of the text in the target language in the form similar to the original. While localization is a complex work. As a result of localization, the emotional coloring, message and form of presentation do not change. At the same time, the essence of the text is preserved. Translation localization is necessary to adapt source materials to a new target audience (TA). While localizing, the following is taken into account:

    • set of mind of the target country residents;
    • traditions and history of the people;
    • culture and preferences;
    • market situation in the country.

    Specialists in content adaptation work with source materials and provide a final project, understandable to clients of the target country.

    Why does your business need localization

    BMW is a world famous car manufacturer from Germany, became known in China later than other brands. But, after entering the Chinese market, in 1994, the company gained unprecedented popularity. “What is the reason for such success?”  you may ask.

    BMW analysts have noticed that the Chinese prefer sedan cars with an elongated body shape. The company entered a new market with an exclusive vehicle models. They were 13.3 cm longer than the standard ones. Thus, the company has achieved high demand and respect of the Chinese consumers.

    The same result expects your business after high-quality localization. You can adapt everything: content, marketing materials, website, brand idea. Your products will be recognized in other countries of the world with investments for the rendered services only. It is not necessary to open branches in the target countries!

    Localization principles

    Before launching a project to adapt your business to a new TA, you need to consider the following aspects:

    1. Localization and translation  are different tasks.  The concept of localization includes work with text translation. But the crucial stage of the project is the work on content adaptation.
    2. You need to localize not only text. Visual elements, website and application interface, company slogan – all these materials are subject to adaptation. Therefore, a whole team of specialists is working on the project.
    3. It is important to consider the legislation of the target country.

    The contractors have to be completely immersed in the project details. It often costs a lot to hire a team of specialists to the office  But there is another way. An outsourced translator is the best solution for business.

    Outsourced employee:  how it works and how it will help you localize the business

    Outsourcing is the work of specialists on a contract basis. Contractors are not company’s staff, but work only with specific clients. Rest assured only approved experts are going to work with your materials.

    Advantages of this type of cooperation:

    1. Outsourcing companies offer expert services. You don’t need to train a new employee, they already know what to do.
    2. Say no to expenses on equipment, workplace, software. These are the concerns of the service provider.
    3. Fairness and transparency. Cooperation is based on the terms and conditions of the contract, which is signed by the directors of both parties.
    4. Speed of services. The project requires the services of a translator, marketer, programmer, and designer. The company has all the necessary experts who do their part of work consistently and on time.
    5. Quality. The reputation of the service provider is important, so the result of work always corresponds to the declared level.

    Translation and localization of the project by an outsourcing company is a solution to maintain a balance between investment and efficiency of your business!

    What to pay attention to when signing an agreement with outsourced experts: HR tips

    The work with the outsourcing company should start with the conclusion of the contract, but there is always a human incompetency error.  HR specialist at MK:translations gave some tips on how to choose  project localization experts:

    1. Check the company’s website, a business page in social networks. Publicity obliges, therefore, Internet exposure is one of the indicators of the high level of services provided by the company.
    2. Look through the customers’ feedback on the company website and on local reviews platforms.
    3. Make sure the company does not hide the employees’ faces, office address and contact information.
    4. Find out if your service provider has open cases. The presence of large projects in the company’s portfolio is the best indicator of efficiency and competence.

    The more information about a company is available online, the better it is known in the market. And this is an obligation to the customers and a pledge of quality services!

    Where to find a good translator

    Project localization may be performed by an outsourced experts or an outsourcing company. But a single translator is not enough for a complex project. To localize a software, you need the help of a developer and system administrator, to adapt the game you’ll have to involve the designer too.

    MK:translations provides complex services! We have already localized serials, books, marketing materials. We translate technical and medical texts, work specialized fields of science. Our team enjoy challenges and interesting tasks, we can handle any project.

    Call our manager. New clients and popularity are already waiting for your business in new countries!

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