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    How to prepare a website for SEO promotion in a foreign market. Tips from the experts of the best localization companies

    Julia Ventskovska
    CEO MK:TRANSLATIONS 06.05.2022
    How to prepare a website for SEO promotion in a foreign market. Tips from the experts of the best localization companies

    You’ve localized your website for a new market and have no visitors?

    The obvious reason is its poor optimization, so that the users do not see your website in search results.

    Experts from the top localization companies claim: localization should not be limited to text content and design – SEO is worth paying just as much attention to. After all, simply translating rather than selecting keywords in a particular market may lead to failure.

    Reasons for selecting keywords for the local market:

    • They help the search engine to index the material and generate results on the user’s request.
    • They attract the user’s attention to a particular resource and motivate him to click on it.

    These features are the same in all markets – regardless of search engine, niche or country. The only difference lies in the words the user enters to search for a particular product or service in a specific market. Therefore, the selection of keywords for the website plays an important role in its promotion in new markets.

    Let’s take an example. SEO specialist in MK:translations assumes that a person in need of translation services would search for them by the query “make localization”, “translation agency”, “where to translate the website”.

    It may actually turn out that the user is looking for localization services for such key queries:

    • top localization companies
    • best localization companies
    • translation and localization companies

    For this reason, the collection of keywords to optimize the website should be done specifically for each language, first studying the search queries in the target market and competitors’ strategy. Improper selection of words for the local search engine can subsequently lead to the loss of a huge audience of potential customers.

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    Keyword selection online. Recommendations of translation and localization companies

    The process of preparing keywords consists of several steps.

    1. Translation of existing keys, which would become the basis for search and further localization of queries.
    2. Search for relevant queries in the target market using special services for selecting keywords.
    3. Adaptation of keys, their addition to more accurately convey the content of the site. For example, a geographical reference or indication of specific details on a product or service specialization.
    4. Testing results – how the search engine perceives the optimized website, and users respond to keywords.
    5. Search for new keywords or adjusting the list if necessary.

    And finally, here are some expert tips from the top localization companies.

    Tip 1. Use someone else’s experience

    The easiest method which would help not to make mistakes with the preparation and optimization of the site for a foreign market – competitive research. Especially those being in this market for a long time. Take a look at their websites – the headings they use, what is written on the buttons, how the CTAs are worded. Also pay attention to the interface as a whole as well as design nuances – familiar layout and color palette would inspire confidence of users to have come to your website for the first time.

    Tip 2. Think like a client

    In search queries, one may often find mistakes, abbreviations, and colloquial words. For example, Language may be shortened to Lang, and Technical texts – to Tech texts. Note this when compiling the semantics – add short and slang forms to your list of keywords.

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    Tip 3. Avoid excessive creativity

    Some companies like originality. Sometimes this may be expressed in a hooligan design, humorous appeals or creative inscriptions on the buttons.

    Still, foreign users would hardly appreciate such creativity. Oh, and would they get it right? Keep in mind the difference in mentalities and cultural sensitivities of the audience every step of the way. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, translation and localization companies may help.

    Would you like to know more about preparing your site for SEO promotion in a foreign market? Follow the link.

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