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    How Much Does Localization Cost

    Julia Ventskovska
    CEO MK:TRANSLATIONS 02.12.2021
    How Much Does Localization Cost

    This is one of the most popular questions that our managers hear. And it is one of the most complicated ones as you cannot answer immediately.

    Localization is a very complicated multistage process, and its price depends on many factors. Therefore, localization cost of different projects can differ greatly even at the same vendor. Let alone different prices in different companies.

    What does the localization cost depend on?

    There are three main factors affecting the price.

    • Project type and volume

    Localization starts with translation. And translation cost depends on the text volume. Some companies calculate by characters, some – by words, others count standard pages. Large volume online store localization cannot cost like a one-page translation of a landing with a webinar announcement.

    Websites, games, apps, audiovisual content – all these projects have their features that affect the localization cost.

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    • Language pairs

    It is an important factor in calculation of localization budget. It is quite easy to find English, German and even Chinese translators. There are many of them in the market. On the other hand, it is more difficult to select an Albanian or Estonian specialist for translation. Moreover, their services will cost more.

    • Topic and complexity of a project

    Localization of a food delivery website and a gambling app with field-specific topic have different complexity levels, don’t they. An average translator or a native speaker could manage to complete the first task. However, in the second case, a specialist with experience in a narrow field will be needed. He or she should be an expert in terminology, understand the processes and technologies. It is obvious that such project will cost more.

    Moreover, localization cost depends on the project urgency, original format, localization platform, necessity of additional services, technical requirements to the project and the vendor’s experience. Therefore, the answer to the question “How much does localization cost?” is impossible without understanding all project details.

    Should I save on localization?

    Besides professional translation companies, freelancers from online marketplaces offer localization services. Their prices can significantly differ from average market prices. This is why inexperienced customers often fall into a trap trying to save.

    Quality costs money — don’t forget about it. Cooperating with random people, you don’t have any guarantees of quality, compliance with project deadlines or privacy. You don’t want your competitors know about your project before its release, do you?

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    Translation agencies and localization studios have been working with such projects for a long time and they have all resources for it — experienced translators and editors base, professional software, availability to engage native marketers and consultants in narrow fields. So you’d better firstly ask who and how they will do it instead of how much localization costs.

    Think thoroughly before taking a decision on cooperation, and you’ll not pay twice: first, for a low-quality localization by a random vendor, and second, for its correction by professionals.

    See more details about localization details on our website.


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