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    Localization and localizability: what you should know before the project launch

    Julia Ventskovska
    CEO MK:TRANSLATIONS 21.08.2020
    Localization and localizability: what you should know before the project launch

    Imagine that your project may become available to thousands of potential clients worldwide without opening branches in the target countries. Sounds impossible? Business localization will help you enter the world market.

    Localization is an adaptation of your project to the needs of the TA of a new country. It is not just a translation, but a comprehensive project adaptation. Thus, in the game localization, plot lines, characters names and even locations are changed. The episode with the nuclear bomb in Fallout 3 is a telling example. Players around the world may choose three options, but the Japanese citizens – only two. They cannot choose to explode the city with the nuclear bomb, as for the Japanese this is a sensitive topic.

    Any content – websites, apps, advertising materials – are localized this way. The target country history, citizens set of mind, cultural features and habits are taken into account. As a result, a brand new project based on the original one, becomes understandable and interesting for a new audience!

    Localization for business

    According to the results of the Common Sense Advisory research, 85% of customers prefer to order goods through the website localized in their native language. Therefore, website translation in English is not enough to enter the international market.

    Multilingualism of a site attracts loyal audience and creates company image. Customers feel that they are cared about.

    When localization is needed

    Localization is a tool for business promotion.


    1. Translation and adaptation of materials are needed in case the company has at least one foreign partner. Google Translate will not help here – foreigners will not be satisfied with the communication through the tool. You should consider localizing at least correspondence, but localization of the whole project would be better.
    2. Contents localization is necessary for each international company. Show the clients that you remember about each of them by providing the list of language versions of your product.
    3. Are you thinking of entering the European, Asian or international market? No need to travel to a target country at once and invest a big sum of money into opening the office and team recruiting. Start with the website and advertising materials localization.


    Adaptation of a product is a solution not only for B2B and B2C companies. Bloggers, freelancers and content creators can attract new TA with the help of successful localization!

    Why you shouldn´t use automatic site translation

    Have you ever seen a website with the odd headers names? “Materials” instead of “Accessories”,  or a “Suppository” on the site of decorative supplies that supposed to be a candle. Do you think it is a localization error?


    No! These are the examples of machine translation of websites. Such cases may happen in games, magazines, ads on Youtube. You don`t want your slogan to become a new meme, do you? Then localize your content.

    Examples of successful business localization

    Localization is a relatively new term. It has come into use since the middle of the last century. Today, big companies hire expert teams to adapt the product to the new TA. And some of cases deserve respect.

    1. Starbucks in China has more than 6 million customers. And that is due to the app specially created for the Chinese market!
    2. Marvel company had to change the story of Spiderman for the Indian citizens. The plot includes the shy guy, ancient ritual and evil demons. It differs from the original, but is still popular!
    3. The car Chevrolet Aveo was previously called Daewoo Kalos. The Russian market took this name as ridiculous, so the company presented a new name in a short time and brought the company back to a high position in rating.

    Similar cases happen with company names, slogans, games and films plots. There’s only one thing that doesn’t change and that is a rapid growth of figures after a well thought-out localization!

    How to do a quality project localization

    Project adaptation is a complex team work with a plenty of details. For example, for the app localization you need not only a translator and a marketer, but also a programmer, designer and tester. This is the only way to provide your clients with the high-quality trouble-free product.

    Localization milestones

    Project adaptation to a new TA consists in three stages:


    1. Preparatory works – concept discussion, audience preferences research, scope of work evaluation and plan creation. This stage includes analysis of terminology and preparation of layouts.
    2. Main works – adapted translation, new visual elements drawing, interactive development and uploading materials to servers.
    3. Testing and debugging – project localizability is evaluated at this stage. It includes testing of interactive elements, if they are placed in a convenient way, and if the content is adequate and complete.


    When the project is delivered, the evaluation of efficacy is carried out. In many cases, continuous localization is needed – constant renewal of information and attraction of new audience.

    Important ins and outs

    There are some details that are necessary to take into account prior to the adaptation:

    1. Legislation of the target country. Additional contracts, hosting, marketing permits may be required.
    2. The availability of multilingual CMS is important for website localization.
    3. The length of phrases in the target language differs from the original. It is important for games, video, apps. You should work out the placement of text blocks on the screen from scratch.
    4. All the details providing convenience for clients should be checked – time zone, measurement units, spelling and punctuation.

    We recommend to adapt key words as well. Foreigners use other phrases to search goods on the Internet.

    How to choose localization specialists

    A number of specialists is required to adapt the project to the new TA:

    • translations;
    • marketers;
    • editors;
    • programmers;
    • designers and testers.

    It is quite a thing to find a cohesive team. But MK:translations has settled everything for you! Our team includes field-specific experts and managers providing quality result of the translation.

    Do you want to know the price of the project localization? Call us, and we will make a quote of your project based on your needs and requirements!

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