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    Main Mistakes in Website SEO Promotion in English

    Julia Ventskovska
    SEO MK:TRANSLATIONS 25.03.2021
    Main Mistakes in Website SEO Promotion in English

    Western market attracts with its perspectives. More and more companies go beyond the usual geography with their goods, or develop the product for the foreign audience in the beginning. This is how game developers and other IT studios do.

    Someone is attracted by high solvency of the foreign audience, someone is tired of instability and deficiencies in legal or tax systems. And some goods are simply not appropriate for the local market.

    However, in chase of sales boost and high margin, business owners often depreciate the difficulties that can happen in the new market. SEO promotion of a website in English is one of them.

    Why exactly English?

    English website is the first stage that you should do to win the international platforms. However, the fact that the US is one the most promising and largest markets is not the case. The number of English natives matters. It is native for over 350 million people, and 1.2 billion of people globally speak English. Moreover, it is declared official in 67 countries around the world.

    Unexpected “surprises” in an English website promotion

    If there are so many possibilities abroad, why are there only a few manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services who decide to scale up? The reason is that the whole issue is not that simple and easy.

    Let me give you a couple of cons that may happen.

    • Severe competition

    It is hard to find an area with the minimal competition in the western market. Foreign companies are fighting for the growth prospects and large audience that are very attractive. According to the analysts, online market volume in 2020 in the US only has amounted to USD 430 billion. And the global market is estimated at USD 4.1 trillion.

    • Increased SEO budget comparing with the local market

    First of all, the website should be localized and filled with the content in English. It is desirable to do this not with the help of a random freelancer or your classmate for a chocolate bar. The exception is the case when they are an experienced optimizer or an English copywriter. English website preparation and optimization should be carried out by a translation company or a localization studio.

    • Website promotion can take more time than you expect.

    Experience shows that you shouldn’t wait for a fast result even having a sufficient budget and experienced optimizers. Competition level and SEO specific features in the US and Europe make impact on the speed of obtaining positive results in the website promotion.

    Will there be any perks?

    All these deficiencies, however, don’t beat the benefits that the company gets having decided to scale up in the international market.

    • High solvency of the foreign audience

    Average US salary amounts to USD 3,620 per month before taxes in 2021, while in Ukraine it is a absurd amount of USD 470. So in case of successful promotion the income will cover the costs. Since all operating costs will be Ukrainian, but the goods and services price — foreign.

    • Good prospects of the market development

    Whatever niche you choose to sell goods and services, its capacity will be still higher than the Ukrainian one. Hereinabove, there are quantitative indicators of the English audience, and they are far not comparable to our numbers.

    This also applies to the traffic increase — the market constantly grows, so the website performance indicators will rise as well. So the sales volume and income along with them.

    What are the common mistakes in SEO promotion of a website in English?

    • Optimization with no preliminary analysis

    Many people skip this stage to save time. However, as experience shows, they come back to it as it is impossible to expect a good result in promotion without knowing the features of the local search engines.

    What should you learn? The top of search results in the chosen area: competing websites, content volume and format, key queries, back references.

    • The use of head queries in semantic kernel formation

    This strategy is doomed to failure — the western market is highly competitive, and a newcomer shouldn’t count on coming out on top using widespread keys. The best option — the slower you go, the farther you get. Until your website takes a specific position, low and mid-frequency queries will ensure sufficient traffic for the website promotion.

    • Simple translation of key words

    We have been talking and writing about it so much, still we receive complaints that the keys effectively working in the local search engines give no result in the foreign market.

    Keep in mind! You can’t just translate the keys. You should adapt and elaborate them.

    The key queries in one topic differ greatly in different countries, even within the same language group. It is due to the cultural features of the audience developed by the buyers behaviour. The analysis is needed to select effective keys — see Point 1.

    • Non-optimized or low-quality website content

    Even excellent English texts will not bring customers to the website if they are not optimized. But if you entrusted your content to an unprofessional copywriter or unexperienced translator, or you translated it yourself using Google, forget about indexation in search engines, traffic and conversion.

    Translation agencies should prepare SEO texts and in general promote websites in English as they have proper experience and resources.

    • Irregular SEO promotion

    A huge mistake is to stop after receiving the first positive results in promotion. Even high quality optimization will not ensure good long-term indicators as search engines constantly renew the algorithms and ranking rules. That is why SEO website promotion should be regular. If you are interested in expanding the audience and receiving income, of course.


    • Never expect to receive a fast result in SEO in the foreign market.
    • Promotion costs will be compensated over and above due to the market capacity and high purchasing power of the audience.
    • Only professional experienced vendors should do SEO promotion.

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