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    Translator’s Glossary: Website Localization

    Юлия Венцковская
    CEO MK:TRANSLATIONS 05.02.2020
    Translator’s Glossary: Website Localization

    Website localization is the process of adaptation of the web resources to local language and culture of the target market. 

    Linguistic and cultural adaptation requires much more skills than translation. This is the content modification, which should represent speech and culture of people with other set of mind, sense of humor, traditions and customs. Website localization justifies the effort, making it easier for the target user to process the information. The website becomes more user-friendly, easier to navigate through and to read. This increases the conversion, boosts sales and yields a profit.

    Complete website localization includes texts adaptation, modification of image contents and design, change of measurement units in accordance with the local culture, change in the search algorithm, etc. The work is divided between copywriters-translators and localization experts in collaboration with the developers.

    Prior to localization, it is recommended to audit the target market, education the target audience and develop the content strategy.

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