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Translator’s Glossary: Video Localization

Юлия Венцковская
Юлия ВенцковскаяPosted by
Translator’s Glossary: Video Localization

There are various ways to translate a video. You can add subtitles, dub it, do a voice-over or localize.  The latter is the most complete one. While localizing, we fully adapt the video to a target language: 

  • provide transcription (transcribe audio file);
  • make translation, adapt it (text localization) if needed, change the content (for example, brand names, contact details, terms of collaboration typical of a target country) if needed;
  • make dubbing (voice-over by actors);
  • translate and record on-screen titles;
  • synchronize the footage with a new audio track;
  • re-edit background sounds and music to match the added voice-over;
  • compile the video.

The original video file is required in order to do a quality and complete localization. In some cases, video localization can be done without it. But the result depends on the source file.

MK:translations localizes video into 58 languages. Leave a query. Get a quote! 

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