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Translator’s Glossary: SW Localization

Юлия Венцковская
Юлия ВенцковскаяPosted by
Translator’s Glossary: SW Localization

Software and IT solutions (apps, extensions, etc.) localization is the process of bringing software products into compliance with the common means and rules of a target language, standards, traditions and legislation of a target country. 

SW localization includes translation and adaptation of its interface, documentation and supporting files.

Interesting fact: in English, the word ‘localization’ is often replaced with L10N (pronounced as a ‘lion’). The number 10 here means the amount of dropped letters between L and N.

SW localization consists of:

  • translation itself;
  • adaptation of currency, date and time formats, sorting text in alphabetic order;
  • interface adjustment and arrangement taking into account the difference in length of lines of the same text in original and target languages, as well as differences in the reading order;
  • change of language tags and codes, set of characters etc.

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