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    Localization in metaverse

    Julia Ventskovska
    SEO MK:TRANSLATIONS 03.11.2022
    Localization in metaverse

    The appearance of metaverse is thought to be the next evolution of the Internet, or Web 3.0. No doubt, in future, its development will affect almost each industry far beyond games.

    This term appeared first in science-fiction novel “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson. The main character, a hacker and pizzeria courier, leads a double life – in a joyless real world and Metaverse virtual city. This piece has affected the Matrix series of films and “Ready Player One” by Steven Spielberg.

    Experts call metaverse one of the most powerful trends that will form the game industry in the coming years. And, Sebastian Borje, being The Sandbox co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, is sure that the virtual world will profoundly change the way we are going to work, communicate, play and make money.

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    How do businesses make money in metaverses

    According to the survey of Newzoo analytical company, the metaverses’ audience is receptive to sponsorship content. Thus, if brands accept a correct approach to new NFT environment, a link between business and consumers can become closer in the digital world than ever before.

    The most forward thinking businesses are already taking the first steps and make money in virtual worlds.

    • Meta Platforms of Mark Zuckerberg has started Horizon Worlds metaverse monetization in test mode – users can buy items or open new areas in the application.
    • Adidas also works on creation of its own digital-world. Meanwhile, it earns on token sales. In early 2022, the company, in conjunction with PUNKS Comic, Bored Ape Yacht Club and gmoney brands, released NFT as exclusive digital clothing, which can be used on virtual gaming platforms. The revenues from sales amounted $22 mln. for 4 hours.

    • Decentraland metaverse capitalization amounts $4.8 bln. Here, users can communicate, attend lectures, go to exhibitions and open stores. Recently, the project engaged a lot of brands, among which there is Coca-Cola, Sotheby’s, NASA, Playboy, large crypto companies, NFT-creators and a lot of celebrities.

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    • Christie’s Auction House opened a gallery in Decentraland, which is an exact copy of its London office. CryptoPunk 7523 and Quantum NFT-tokens have become the first lots sold at $11.7 mln. and $1.47 mln. respectively. Unlike the real office in London, everyone interested can come to a virtual one.
    • Domino Company has combined virtual entertainment with a physical product – allowed to order a real pizza home or to office directly from Decentraland metaverse.

    Why do you need localization in metaverse

    Users interact with content much more and spend more time for this in the virtual world, rather than in social networks.

    Thus, marketing and advertising agencies gain a great space in metaverse for creativity and introduction of innovations in promoting products. Moreover, brands have possibility to become the first in new virtual worlds and obtain users’ loyalty, while competitors spend million casualties for traditional marketing for physical audience.

    Therefore, the question now arises of how to provide clear and comfortable brands communication with the audience.

    Mark Zuckerberg was one of the first who spoke about the necessity of translation integrated possibilities in the metaverse, for the customers to obtain access to the content in their native language. But, localization is much more than just a translation.

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    Of course, language is a key element, but only one of cultural factors affecting the localization of any content or experience. Already, in metaverse, you can customize your avatar and space all around and invite others there. Further technologies development will allow localizing general virtual environments for people to perceive them differently depending on their cultural expectations.


    All multimedia of metaverse needs localization. How can it be:

    • multilanguage and multicultural voiceover, which takes into account native dialects, age and sex of the avatar;
    • dubbing taking into account languages and lip-syncing;
    • subtitles and signs to increase content coverage and views as well as involvement of users;
    • graphics and colours adapted according to local peculiarities.

    Games and Applications

    When localizing video games in metaverse, attention should be paid at in-game content:

    • text embedded into graphics;
    • non-textual information – figures, currency;
    • voiceover and dialogues.

    Don’t forget about games promotion as well. For this purpose you will need adaptation of key words, screenshots translation and localization etc.

    Mobile applications can also be a part of metaverse. Thier localization requires special attention, and includes cultural, technical and linguistic direction.

    Mobile application localization does not end with program content adaptation. It’s a continuous process. Program developers always add new functions and introduce changes, thus, mobile applications require continuous localization.

    Gaining experience

    Localization potential is huge in metaverse, and is not limited just to commercial purposes. Let’s take a narrow specialist – a doctor or pharmacist. Wherever he was physically, he will have access to useful resources and possibility to consult directly with the experts in his area. Moreover, he will be able to develop new skills supervised by his experienced colleagues due to AR and VR, even if there are thousands of kilometers between them in real life. However, for this purpose all information should be not only translated accurately, but localized taking into account national differences in processes, rules, procedures and even availability of specialized equipment.


    It’s almost impossible to foresee a complete impact of metaverse and related technologies on our further life. But we can say for sure now that humanity is on the verge of new technological revolution. Both as the Internet appearance has changed the planet, and the metaverse together with Web 3.0 will be a major leap into future. Localization will play one of the key roles here for sure.

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