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    Features of translation in gambling

    Julia Ventskovska
    CEO MK:TRANSLATIONS 06.10.2021
    Features of translation in gambling

    Gambling, betting, sports bets, online casino — you can find these definitions in information portals and advertising clips more and more often. Millions of users around the world register on websites and apps hoping to receive “easy money” fast and with little effort.

    IGaming market is called one of the most promising nowadays in terms of capitalization and profitability. According to analysts of Transparency Market Research, market value will reach $100 million in the next 3 years.


    The policy of the official Google Play store has been updated since the spring of this year. And now, in addition to residents of Brazil, France, Britain and Ireland, gambling and betting programs have become available to users from other countries, including Japan, Finland, Sweden, the USA, Norway, Canada, Germany and others.

    All these factors explain the increased interest of clients in translation in gambling — now it is one of the most popular services in MK:translations.

    Definition of gambling

    English word ‘gamble’ means game of chance, risk taking. That is, gambling is everything connected with money game and online casino, betting houses and lotteries activities. This area also often includes betting — sports bets and betting houses.

    What is important to know about gambling translation

    IGaming area includes not only online games of chance, such as poker, totalizer, slot machines, online casino, but also organizers of these entertainments and platforms that host them.

    The most popular translation services in gambling are:

    • Translation of news on gambling;
    • Localization of gaming and online casino websites and apps ;
    • Localization of bookmaker websites with sports bets and gambling software;
    • Translation of technical documentation and instructions for players — website visitors and apps users;
    • Translation and adaptation of feature stories, videos and other types of iGaming

    Clients often need services for maintaining accounts in social networks, correspondence in chats, chat bots and messengers, online support for visitors to online casinos and other gambling resources.

    What is important to know about gambling translation

    All this requires a special approach to the provision of services — a professional team of translators and experience in translations in gambling.

    Translators, editors, copywriters and everyone engaged in similar projects must be good at gambling games, totalizers, and also be interested in such activities. This is the only way to tell about the secrets of success and intricacies of business in a simple foreign language. Each gambling translation undergoes a mandatory editing by a specialized editor-native speaker in order to avoid mistakes and misconception.

    What you shouldn’t do in gambling translation

    Taking into account the specific nature and “adolescence” of the iGaming area, there are still not many specialists on the market who can be entrusted with such translation. Therefore, don’t be in a hurry to order at a freelance platform. Mothers in maternity leave and students-linguists are ready to accept any work, but will they provide quality? Moreover, there is no guarantee of information confidentiality.

    What you shouldn't do in gambling translation

    In order to receive gambling translation, you should better contact professional translation and localization companies. Experience, cases, qualified team of translators — all this will give confidence in the result and project efficiency. It will also help your website or app to hold its position in the market.

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